Stick Camp Canada 2018


Bob Culbertson


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  • Label: Stick Camp Canada
  • Catalog No: BC-001

Bob Culbertson

Bob Culbertson is one of the early adopters of the Chapman Stick, beginning his journey in 1978 when introduced to the instrument by its inventor, Emmett Chapman. With over 250,000 CDs sold and more than 15,000,000 internet video views, Bob is one of the most influential touch soloists today. His musical style ranges from world sounds of Celtic, Spanish, Eastern and Classical to Blues and Beatles.



“Bob Culbertson is a virtuoso of his craft.  His concert was absolutely beautiful and entertaining. The Carnegie attendees were telling me weeks later how amazed they wereby his performance and instrument.  He will be back.”  – Mary Leb, Music Director Carnegie Hall WV

“Bob is the Segovia of the Stick”  –  Emmett Chapman, Inventor of the Stick

“Four Stars”….”Culbertson displays ferocious technique, handling the contrapuntal demands and rhythmic intricacies of each piece with the command of a virtuoso. The rich warm sound of the Acoustick is captured beautifully. ”  –  Downbeat Jazz Magazine