Stick Camp Canada 2018


Guillermo Cides


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  • Label: Stick Camp Canada
  • Catalog No: GC-001

Guillermo Cides

Stickista Guillermo Cides is originally from Argentina and has been based in Barcelona for the past 15 years.  Guillermo first encountered the Chapman Stick in 1992.  Two years later, he recorded his first CD, El Mundo Interior de los Planetas (The Inner World of the Planets).

Guillermo is a pioneer of solo Stick concerts and has frequently toured Europe and South America.  In the early 2000s, he created several different musical groups to explore the use of the Chapman Stick with other instruments.  One group explored multiple Sticks played simultaneously.  The Stick Trío, featuring Guillermo, Jim Lampi and Ron Baggerman all on Chapman Stick, is one notable example.

Guillermo is the creator of 2015’s Stick Camp Spain on the island of Mallorca.  This was a fantastic gathering of nearly 40 Stick players and inspired Stick Camp Canada.  Thanks, Guillermo!

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“Sin duda alguna el intérprete mas destacado de este cada vez mas popular instrumento”  – Guitarra Total

“Undoubtedly the most outstanding interpreter of this increasingly popular instrument” – Guitarra Total